菠蘿麵包 Pineapple bun
15 x 10 cm|watercolor|2019|🔴 已售出 Sold

畫了第一張營養三明治,就決定與另外兩張明信片一起變成麵包系列。之所以決定畫菠蘿麵包,是因為某堂課同學很欣賞我的食物畫,說他家人是做麵包的,期待看到我畫菠蘿麵包可以讓他家人看看。菠蘿的紋路看似複雜,但使用的這張水彩紙剛好很適合做出麵包上不規則的質感,因此並沒有特別困難,只是花了不少時間刻畫;決定以後要畫大張一點,眼睛才不會那麼累…這張獲得同學不少好評,也是課堂上就被買走了~🥐🥖💕 看到自己成功畫出菠蘿的美味質感,成功吸引了我媽隔天買菠蘿來吃,既開心又有成就感!😆

After painting the fried sandwich on the first postcard, I decided to make my postcards a series of bread. The reason why I chose to paint a pineapple bun is a colleague said he likes my food painting and hoped I can paint a pineapple cake for his uncle who is a baker. The texture of the bread looks complicated, however since this kind of watercolor paper was just right for creating the irregular shapes and patterns on the bun. It took time but not difficult to paint the bun, but I should paint on larger paper later for protecting my eyesight. I successfully made my mum buy a pineapple bun the next day with the delicious bun painting and the postcard sold right away as the last one. I felt so fulfilled and satisfied!😆🥐🥖💕