營養三明治 Fried sandwich with salad
15 x 10 cm|watercolor|2019|🔴 已售出 Sold


This was the assignment of the community college watercolor course. Every colleague had to paint at least 2 cards and 1 shikishi paper board for the charity sale on the school anniversary of Caotun Elementary School. I painted 4 works in total, the themes of which were all my favorite — food! The first one, fried sandwich with salad, is a famous delicacy in Keelung night market. However I haven’t had chance to taste it.🤤 The crispy outskirt of the bread was actually painted by a kind of makeup brush popped up from my watercolor box from nowhere(because I don’t wear makeup). The result seemed well, though the brush kept falling its furs.😅😮✨ Thus, it was bought by one of my colleague soon as the sale started!☺