點綴藍莓的草莓蛋糕 Strawberry cake decorated with blueberries
15 x 10 cm|watercolor|2019|🔴 已售出 Sold

為了延續前兩張明信片的麵包糕點系列,我決定第三張來畫蛋糕。閱覽無數種蛋糕後,我選了草莓蛋糕作為主題,看起來既華麗又美味~只是因為明信片太小,難以展現太多草莓的細節,因此對於草莓籽的畫法自己並不滿意。但它還是很快就被買走了,真的很感謝欣賞並買下我的畫的人!😊 總之,未來一定有機會畫更大張、有草莓的畫。🍓今天草莓蛋糕的顏色也特別應景,聖誕快樂!🍰🍷🎄

To continue the baking series of postcard, the third one I decided to paint a cake. After searching a lot of cakes, I chose a strawberry cake which looks tasty and pretty. The details of strawberries were so hard to paint on such small card, so I’m not very satisfied with the part of the strawberry seeds. However it was sold soon as the last two cards. I really appreciate the persons who like my work!😊 Anyway, I’ll have chance to paint a larger picture within strawberries.🍓 The color is just right for today. Merry Christmas!🍰🍷🎄