海鮮丼 Seafood rice bowl (Kaisen Donburi)
13.7 x 13.7 cm|watercolor & fineliner|2020|NT$5000


One of my favorite Japanese dish is Kaisen Donburi. Even though I know the risk of eating raw seafood, I still can’t resist it! This is the signature seafood bowl of a small but high-quality Japanese restaurant in Caotun. The refreshing and delicate taste of the seafood rice bowl is suitable for detailed description. So I drew with a dark but not heavy brown fineliner first, then used watercolor it to faithfully depict the rich ingredients. Finally, I used blue paint to splatter the bright dots around to symbolize the ocean and my experience of this dish — full of seafood, colorful, gorgeous, an exquisite personal feast.😋🐟💕