自然史博物館的沙拉|Salad of Natural History Museum in London 
18 x 12.5 cm|watercolor & pencil sketch|2021|NT$2000


The Natural History Museum is my favourite London attraction. The first time I visited London I was only 16. After the tour guide took the study group to the V&A Museum, he disbanded us so we can visit the places wherever we wanted to visit. I did not have much interest in the historical relics, so I left the V&A and went to the Natural History Museum next door, where I found much more funner with so many things about creatures, the earth, and the universe. During my study abroad I went there twice, and I was surprised to find that the salads provided by the restaurants which I usually thought would be tasteless turned out to be quite delicious! I chose beetroot, couscous, green beans and white cauliflower. The salad was refreshing and satiety, I miss it so much!