2021/2/20-3/26日晨咖啡.個人首展 Sweetfish Food Art’s first solo exhibition at Sundawn Coffee Roaster
e-invitation card



也許這樣的想法來自之前在毓秀美術館看到的一位捷克畫家 — 茲德涅克・揚達(Zdenek Janda)的展覽,他認為框也是作品的一部份,因此總是親自為自己的畫作製作畫框;這樣的理念令我印象深刻,親自為自己作品裱框的同時,也興起了學習裱畫的想法。希望能提升自己的裱框技術,親手讓自己的畫作裝框之後能錦上添花,成為一件美觀精緻的藝術品。

Since the last time I participated in the group exhibition of community college watercolor course and Chinese painting course, I began to secretly hope that I can hold a solo exhibition in 2021. I originally expected that the number and quality of works would not be enough to hold the exhibition until the middle of the year, but this dream was realized at the beginning of the year!

After setting the exhibition date with the boss of Sundawn Coffee Roaster in December last year, I began to prepare for it, The preparation included painting framing, making painting introduction cards, self-introduction cards, publicity, etc. Finding the right frame was not easy, and framing was even more time-consuming! The art of framing was full of learning, but even so, matching a painting with the right color of frame and paper was fun. Because in this way the frame and the painting can be seen as a complete work, rather than a mere functional existence for the purpose of displaying the painting.

Perhaps the idea came from the exhibition of a Czech painter, Zdenek Janda, who had an solo exhibition at Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art not long before. He believed that the frame was also a part of the work, so he always made frames and framed his paintings himself. I was very impressed with this idea. While framing my own works, I also developed the idea of learning how to frame. I hope to improve my framing skills, and make my own paintings beautiful and exquisite works of art after they are framed.

裱框完成 Framed works
展覽海報 Poster of the exhibition


As for the publicity, I designed posters, physical and electronic invitation cards. The physical invitation cards were not only sent to relatives and friends for the Chinese New Year, but also displayed at every table of Sundawn Coffee Roaster. The exhibition period started a few days after the New Year’s holiday, so the rice cake was chosen as the main visual for the occasion.

紅豆年糕 Red-bean-sticky-rice-cake
39.8 x 27 cm|watercolor|2020

這張紅豆年糕,原本一直很猶豫是否要加背景。其實這樣的猶豫,已經反覆出現在我每次的創作中多遍。究竟要畫成完整的畫作,還是要空白的背景? 沒有背景感覺似乎單調,以插畫的畫法作畫,就沒有主賓之分;但若想把圖片作他用,全空白的背景、完全清楚的主體則十分方便,且空白更顯主體清晰、畫面乾淨。最後因為年糕會納入之後要做的2022年曆中,就決定背景空白,少量地在邊緣加點顏色、灑點鹽,讓背景呈現朦朧夢幻的感覺;不至於太過空虛,也恰巧呼應了過年團聚的溫馨氛圍。

I was hesitant to add a background for this red bean rice cake. In fact, this kind of hesitation has repeatedly appeared in my creations many times. Do I want to paint the background or leave it blank? It seems monotonous without a background. If I paint with an illustration method, there will be no distinction between the host and the guest. However, if I want to use the picture for other purposes, a completely blank background will be very convenient, and the blank even makes the main body much clearer and cleaner. In the end, because the rice cakes will be used in the 2022 calendar, I decided to leave the background blank, add a little color and salt to the edges to make the background hazy and dreamy, like the cozy atmosphere of reunion in Chinese New Year.


When the exhibition came to a close, there was a sense of loneliness at the end of the bustling. This month I met many friends I hadn’t seen for a long time, heard many interesting stories, and received many appreciations for the paintings. I spent a happy and lively time. As if the party that had been on for a month was finally over, I also turned off the social mode and returned to the quiet life of painting and freelancing. I would like to thank Sundawn Coffee Roaster for providing a venue, so that my paintings can be shown to the public. I also thank all my friends for participating in making the exhibition more radiant. I will continue to create and look forward to seeing everyone again in the second solo exhibition soon!