什一堂烘焙坊70週年紀念畫 Shiyi Tang Bakery’s 70th anniversary commemorative illustration
26 x 18 cm|watercolor & fineliner|2021


After drawing the storefront of Sundawn Coffee Roaster, I received a commission from Shiyi Tang, an old bakery in Nantou, to draw the storefront as an illustration for business cards and other promotional items. Shiyi Tang Bakery, celebrating its 70th birthday this year, is a memory of my childhood. When my mother was still working at the Nantou County Government Cultural Affairs Bureau, she often stopped by to buy bread from Shiyi Tang after getting off work. Every time I saw all kinds of delicious bread, I was so happy! 😋🥐🥖


【什一堂烘焙坊 Shiyi Tang Bakery】
Mon.-Sun. 9:00-21:30