披薩 Pizza
53.2 x 36 cm|watercolor|2022|NT$60000




After three months, I finally finished this pizza painting. As painting, the journey of knowing the truth simultaneously. When I look back, my mood has changed a lot in a short period of time. In the past, I always thought a lot about painting: what kind of theme to choose, whether to change the theme of painting other than food, whether painting local ingredients is more appropriate than foreign ones, etc. In the past, there was an unnecessary insistence in my heart: I thought that since I grew up in this land, I had to paint food related to the local area in order to provoked resonance among the audience. Appreciation and yearning exotic cultures was like a sin of worshipping foreigners.

But with the disintegration of self-definition, now I no longer insist on what image and identity I should be; no longer label myself with ideals and visions, and what I think I should be like. I don’t shape myself into any character, just be an inspiration channel, painting freely. Therefore, I naturally break the ideological framework of the past and paint at will. Without thinking too much about the message behind the picture, I only draw the deepest impression in the perceptual experience frankly based on the resonance of my heart. There are no high-sounding explanations full of logical deductions, evaluations and analysis, only intuition whispers. Let the latent power that is evoked in the most subtle part of the heart lead me pick up the paintbrush.

It was fantastic when drawing this pizza. It took three hours just to carve a slice of pizza, and the process of painting required repeated inspections and corrections until the work reached the ideal state. I (currently, who knows if I will change in the future) am not a right-brained, bold and swaying emotional artist, so my painting process is a step-by-step one. Rigorous thinking, picture management, and detailed description are essential within my painting. In the process, frustration, joy, laziness, fun, frustration, satisfaction and other tastes appeared in turn, just like walking on a winding mountain path—after a hard climb turning a corner was a new scenery. Reaching the pinnacle of completion, joy and contentment reached the high point and it ended. I put the painting away for framing, and move on to my next journey on paper.