雙芋豆花 Tofu pudding with taro paste and taro balls
21 x 29.7 cm|watercolor& fineliner|2022|NT$5000



In one of my few works, the second time tofu pudding has appeared. Mainly because it is refreshing and rich of ingredients, and without dairy and gluten that I have to worry about every time when having dessert. I knew this dessert shop because of the Nantou Fenghua Monthly, but I didn’t expect that I became a regular customer after trying it out. Each tofu pudding has its own characteristics, and the style of this one is meticulous. The sweetness is just right, but not too sweet or light; even the ingredients are soft and moderate, and I can taste the original flavor of taro and sweet potato, which is naturally sweet.

So I used a fineliner to draw its outline, and then painted it with watercolors. Finally, I used a white ink pen to reinforce the secondary reflections, and slightly embellished the background to present the overall feeling in my mind. The girly sweet and fresh style is what this dessert gave me. Its grass grass jelly is also very tasty, however other items such as matcha drinks and panna cotta are not for taking out. so I look forward to the day when I taste them in the shop!