鉄板料理.伊比利梅花豬套餐&宜蘭櫻桃鴨腿 Teppanyaki.Iberico pork & duck leg
13.7 x 13.7 cm|watercolor & fineliner|2019|NT$2000


Among the many teppanyaki in Caotun, SanShi is the best in my overall feeling. Although it is inconvenient to be unable to reserve a table, it can maintain the quality of service. The exquisite wooden plates and porcelain bowls are clean and elegant, which makes people feel like they are in a restaurant in Japan. The rich combination of the set meal (rice, steamed egg, soup, salad, fried cabbage, staple food, and the drink is omitted in the picture)made the meal a variety of tastes and very satisfying. The cherry duck breast and Iberian pork were both soft, neither raw nor chewy, fragrant, but not greasy. The feeling of entering the door, the experience of listening to the ingredients sizzling on the iron plate while waiting, and the visual, olfactory and taste experience after the dishes are served made this dining moment a wonderful enjoyment. I’ve been there more than three times, and I haven’t had any unsatisfactory dishes. Looking forward to trying all the main dishes!