月餅系列 Moon cakes
39 x 27 cm|watercolor|2020|🔴 已售出 Sold

明天就是中秋節,最愛的月餅前三名:蛋黃酥、小月餅、白雪酥只吃到了第一個(還有芋頭酥和棗泥等廣式月餅),真是令人發胖的季節啊!😝 能有各式各樣的糕餅吃,也是身在台灣的小確幸之一哪!這麼多月餅,你吃到了幾種呢?祝大家中秋節快樂~🌕🍐💖

Tomorrow is Moon Festival. My favorite moon cakes are salted yolk pastry, sword bean cake, and snow-white cake. I’ve only had the first one(and others not in my moon cake list). So easy to gain weight in this season!😝 But it’s one of the lucky things of living in Taiwan that I can have so many tasty moon cakes!