腐乳松阪豬手工麵線 Chinese shallot verimicelli with fermented tofu pork neck
20 x 13.5 cm|marker & fineliner|2021


過了一年多終於如願以償,看見菜單上所有的料理讓我更加驚艷 — 花雕雞刈包、旗魚排偽漢堡、糖葫蘆、牛奶糖醬冰淇淋炸饅頭、紫薯豆漿…好有創意啊!從來沒在別的餐廳看過這樣的料理,既把街頭點心納入了,又融入了西餐的風格,每一樣都好想吃!



Because of a TV report, I made Hengri 1989 one of my must-visit pocket lists. The beautiful fried dumplings with ice flowers on the screen, the laboriously boiled sesame oil noodles, and other innovative Chinese brunch are deeply imprinted in my heart, and I am determined to try it someday.

After more than a year, I finally got my wish, and seeing all the dishes on the menu made me even more amazed – Huadiao chicken buns, swordfish steak pseudo-burgers, candied haws, ice cream fried buns with milk candy sauce, purple potato soy milk… so creative! I have never seen such dishes in other restaurants. It not only incorporates street snacks, but also incorporates the style of Western food. I wanted to try everything!

After struggling with the choices, my family and I finally ordered a few dishes: Kung Pao French fries, handmade noodles with fresh clams, longan and sesame oil chicken legs, fried dumplings with ice flowers, purple rice with garlic-flavored sorghum and salted pork, handmade Chinese shallot verimilcelli with fermented tofu pork neck, and various soy milk. One of my favorites was the Chinese shallot verimilcelli with fermented tofu pork neck. The noodles were rich and scallion oil was overflowing; the sliced pork neck was moderately thick, and the bite was both pleasantly chewy and full of sweet gravy. A variety of vegetables and hot spring eggs were matched with pork neck just to relieve the greasy, and the colors of the dish were even more pleasing to the eyes. Because it was so fragrant, I almost forgot to take a picture before eating it.

However I went there too late to have the signature beef noodles, which were already sold out. I will visit again next time with this dish as the goal!