蓮藕糕 Lotus root jelly cake
19.8 x 27.5 cm|colored pencil|2022|NT$2000

麻糬、年糕、湯圓等美食的軟糯口感,一向令我難以抗拒;然而心雖嚮往,腸胃卻不堪負荷糯米的黏稠,因此總是只能淺嚐即止。不含糯米的蓮藕糕,易於消化又清爽,且同樣具有Q彈的口感,是心念軟Q口感時的絕佳選擇。不過市面上少見販售蓮藕糕,每每遇上都是一個驚喜。紅豆、花豆、綠豆、薏仁、芋頭、地瓜…夾餡種類多元,蓮藕糕體還有加入黑糖的口味,多種搭配滋味豐富,每種口味都有特色! 用帶著褐色的牛皮紙,剛好可以凸顯蓮藕糕透明偏白的質感。不過也蠻想試試看用水彩畫透明美食呢!

The soft and glutinous taste of mochi, rice cakes, glutinous rice balls and other delicacies have always been irresistible to me. Despite the longing in my heart, the glutinous rice cannot be overwhelmed by my stomach. The lotus root jelly cake without glutinous rice is easy to digest, refreshing, and delightful chewy, which is an excellent choice when thinking of a soft chewy taste. Since lotus root cakes are rarely sold on the market, every encounter is a surprise. There are many kinds of fillings, such as red beans, pinto beans, mung beans, barley, taro, sweet potatoes, etc. And the lotus root cake body also has brown sugar flavor. There are various combinations and tastes, and each flavor has its own characteristic. I used brown kraft paper, which is good to highlight the transparent and white texture of lotus root cake. I also really want to try painting transparent food with watercolor!