清炒蒜辣培根豬小排義大利麵 Garlic spaghetti with pork ribs 
28 x 20 cm|colored pencil|2021|NT$5000 


At the beginning of this year, I went to the newly opened restaurant “Tsun Shang Muri” in Chung Hsing New Village with my friends to try it out. Coincidentally, the manager and my friend were high school classmates! During the chat, I learned that the special landscaping of the restaurant garden, coupled with the restaurant on the first floor, the sales of towel products on the second floor, and the gallery on the third floor, were hoped to make Tsun Shang Muri one of the new attractions in Chung Hsing New Village. The meals were mainly Western-style dishes, from appetizers, main courses such as pasta/seafood/meat to desserts and coffee, all of which were amazing. I really enjoyed such an elegant and refined dining experience!